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The beveled edge

It’s hard to believe that a little detail like a beveled edge on the sides of the cover can increase seating comfort this much. Conventional covers with sharp edges can cut into your forearms, making for a rather unpleasant dining experience. See for yourself how our table cover perfectly adjusts to your table right from the start.

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The Ideal Protection For Your Surfaces

Table Protection

Our table foils are the ideal protection for your dining table. Whether water, coffee or wine stains – the table cover protects against discolouration and damage. Your advantage: The transparent material does not cover the table surface, so the natural material can still be shown off to its best advantage.

Matte Finish Table Protection

Especially for very smooth and sensitive (glass) tables: Our fine matt table foil with a slightly roughened surface lies harmoniously on the table without throwing air bubbles. Putting down glasses or porcelain is cushioned by the 2 mm thick foil – loud clinking is now a thing of the past.

Endless Possibilities With Our Versatile Protectors


Whether you need surface protection or an anti-slip mat for your drawers – our mats protect against leaking lotions, makeup, or mascara. Keep your vanity safe from stains and always looking clean!

Crafting Table

Parents know how passionate children are about painting and crafting – but keeping the table clean is not so easy. A suitable craft mat protects the table from wear and tear and allows for unlimited crafting fun.

Entry Table

After work, come home and just put the keys on your entry table. Slip a note under the mat, and always keep it visible. Our versatile protective mats provide you with endless possibilities!

What is the difference between a conventional tablecloth and a clear table protector?

If you had to be brief, you could say that the transparent table film does not obscure the view of your beautiful dining table and at the same time protects it from falling drinks or fork tips. Besides, it also fits perfectly on your table without the side of something hanging off the table, this is because it is cut to your desired size. And many other advantages brings the clear table protector with it.

We Provide Table Covers For Every Need

Take a closer look at your home, office, or workshop. Where are all the tables that need to be protected? There is the dining table, which is constantly exposed to food, dishes, and children doing crafts. The coffee table in the living room should not be an unprotected storage area. The workbench in the basement must be protected from dripping paint and oil stains. What about coffee rings or marker accidents on the desk in your office? … So many tables, so many ways to ruin the surfaces of your furniture forever.

Avoid these problems with a custom-made table cover from Liovent. Our protectors are washable and can easily be freed from glue residue after doing craft projects. They can even be written on and serve as oversized notepads on your desk. The transparent surface allows for a view of the tabletop underneath – a great way to keep important notes or papers visible without losing them.

Our table mats are of the highest quality and cut to size, so that they fit perfectly on tables of every type and shape. Grease and oil stains, craft glue, food leftovers, or ballpoint pens are no match for our table protectors. They are easy to wipe off and can be freed from any kinds of stains. Since our mats are transparent, they will keep your table safe while still showing the original pattern underneath. Especially real wood tables often have a beautiful texture, which should not have to be covered up. So you can continue to enjoy the original look of your table while protecting its surface at the same time. Table mats custom-made for you. Our transparent table mats have yet another advantage to offer: They have a beveled edge, providing you with the highest seating comfort.

We at Liovent want you to be able to furnish your home the way you like it. You have most likely invested a lot of energy in finding the perfect furniture, but now it is time to protect it. It couldn’t be easier than with a mat that matches the exact size of your furniture; especially, since our transparent mats blend in seamlessly and still offer the highest possible degree of protection. We would be happy to assist you in designing a home that is beautiful and protected for years to come.