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Make-up table protective foil

Make-up table protective foil

Transparent so you can still see the table surface
Protects from oil and perfume
Bevelled edges for a comfortable fit
2mm thick, excellent protection against scratches and moisture

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Important! High gloss & glass tables:
For this type of surface, we recommend the semi-transparent, fine matt film, which is slightly matt on the underside, preventing the formation of air bubbles. Otherwise, air bubbles could cause optical impairments with the transparent film.
To the fine matt table foil

The dressing table underlay for your home

Protect your surfaces easily and effortlessly when you, your children or angels paint at home. No matter whether rectangular, round, oval or any special shape, you can easily have them cut to size by us. In addition, there are no limits to the areas of application, so you can also use the craft pad as a base for your kneading table, desk or painting table. If you want to protect a surface at home, you get your suitable protection here. The underlay is made of soft PVC and can be used in many areas.

Slanted edge

It’s hard to believe that a sloping edge on the edges of the film can increase seating comfort so much. The hard right-angled edges can lead to an unpleasant cut in the forearm. Convince yourself of this and notice already when you put on the foil that it lays harmoniously on the table.

Stains on the table?

No longer worry about what your children or angels spill on the dining table or how you deal with it. The 2 mm thick table foil effectively protects your beautiful table from damage and leaves stains no chance. Simply wipe over the table foil and it is clean again.

Important! High gloss & glass tables:

For this type of surface we recommend the semi-transparent, fine matted foil, this is slightly matted on the underside which prevents the formation of air bubbles. Otherwise, the transparent foil could cause optical impairments due to air bubbles.
To the fine matt table foil

After arrival of the order:

Certain films are cut a little longer to counteract the shrinking process, in this case we ask you to wait 1-2 weeks until the film has shrunk.
You do not have to add anything to the actual dimension of your surface when you place your order.

During the first few days, people who are sensitive to odours may experience an unpleasant smell. Do not worry! This smell will disappear after a few days. Simply lay the protective film out in a well-ventilated place if this is the case with you.


The table foil is cut to your desired size at our company and then delivered to your home rolled up.


Transparent Vinyl
Suitable for contact with food

Blue cast:

Depending on the incidence of sunlight, a slight blue shine is produced at the edge of the film. This is not the case with normal household lamps.


Transparent – for a clear view

Suitable for contact with food

Does not slip and therefore lies safely on the table

Beveled edges for increased comfort

For indoor and outdoor use

2 mm thick for ideal protection

German production and manufacturing